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No Green Thumb? No Problem

Are you thinking about planting a garden, but don’t quite know where to start? Whether you are a first-time homeowner or a first-time gardener that is looking for something to fill their time during the stay-at-home order, there ARE some “easy” plants you can get planted for the spring! Start off with one of these easy-to-grow plants and ease into becoming a green thumb:

Hostas: These are all over my backyard & they are beautiful. Hostas are perennials, so they come back year after year. Each year they get larger with even more leaves. If you start out by planting a few, the next year they will come back and be larger. Then, you can thin them out around your garden! Hostas are tough plants and depending on the type you purchase, do well in light to full shade or a spot with filtered sunlight- check the label when purchasing to make sure you have a good spot for them!

Pansies: Head to your local hardware store and pick up some colorful pansies! When you bring them home, you can easily transport pansies into your favorite pot or a spot in your garden. Pansies can be planted in the spring or fall-they love cool/colder weather. Many varieties will even rebound from the winter during the next spring! Pansies require very little care, just make sure to water them and take off the deadheads so new blooms can come back!

Ferns: Another splendor that I have in my backyard right now. Ferns are perfect for a shaded location. If you plant them in a sunny location, make sure to keep the soil moist. These gorgeous green perennials come back every year and spread easily! If you get too many in one location, dig them up and move them to another spot or give them to a friend!

Boxwood: Boxwoods are versatile shrubs that come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties! They enjoy part to full sun and are drought tolerant. One great thing about Boxwoods is that they provide some green in your yard throughout the entire year. Do a quick internet search to find your favorite variety and get some vibrant green in your yard throughout all seasons!

Tomatoes grow easily in containers.

Tomatoes: Ah, the tomato plant. Tomato plants are what guided me to my love of gardening and growing my own vegetables. They require very little effort. It is as simple as this: go out to your local gardening store, buy a tomato plant and cage, plant in a sunny location, make sure to water it as needed, and in a month or two you should have your own, homegrown tomatoes! There is nothing better than that satisfaction of pulling that first ripe tomato off the vine. 


These are just a few, straight forward plants to try out. If you already have yourself a garden, what are your favorite easy-to-grow plants? Comment below for others to try out!

Hope this gives you some inspiration to get out there and garden!

Melissa Smith


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