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My Favorite Home Selling Preparation Tips

As we are heading into summer, many people are beginning to think about putting their home up for sale. It is still a seller’s market, but to get the most equity out of your home, you will want to prep it for listing and for future showings. There are MANY tips and suggestions out there that help your home stand out in the market, so here I have gathered some of my favorites to prepare your home for the market.

1. Declutter: Pack away the extras and try to keep it simple. Stand at your front door and take in what a buyer would see when they walk in- does it feel welcoming? Clear off countertops and take down family photos. Decluttering/organizing closets is super important. If your closets are overstuffed, it makes them look smaller. You should take out extra clothes from your closet and store elsewhere so potential buyers can get a feel for the size.

2. Maximize Light: Many people love natural light. Make sure all your lightbulbs match and are working. Open up those blinds/curtains for as much natural light as possible. Another idea is to go get some live plants! Plants create a bright and more welcoming environment.

3. Spruce Up the Exterior and Increase Curb Appeal: Spruce up the exterior to make it as eye-catching as possible! Maintain and freshen up the yard, add some colorful flowers, clean out gutters, touch up paint, and maybe even paint your front door a new color! You want to make sure the exterior stands out so when potential buyers drive by, they want to come inside to see your home!

4, DEEP Clean: All the nooks and crannies should be cleaned, everything from the baseboards to the tops of the fan blades. I also recommend that you consider getting your carpet professionally cleaned, especially if you have pets as this will help get rid of any odor.

5. Fix Interior Items: If you already know of small items that need to be fixed, just go ahead and fix them! Is a door handle loose? Replace it or tighten the screws. Even little details that are broken can make a huge difference when it comes to a potential buyer’s impression of your home.

6. Paint: If you have scuffs on the walls, definitely make sure to touch those up. If you do decide to freshly paint, neutral colors are best!

7. Kitchen: The kitchen is critical. Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area. Some simple ideas you can do prior to listing your home to help your kitchen stand out include painting cabinets so they look renewed, getting new cabinet hardware, and/or buying ONE new appliance.

These are some of my favorite ways to prep your home for listing it on the market. Want to know my recommendations for your specific home? Have questions? As always, I would love to set up an appointment to discuss! Please contact me at 317.691.1875 or melissaesmith1@yahoo.com

Happy Prepping!

Melissa Smith


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