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Improving Your Curb Appeal

Potential home sellers and even homeowners, this one’s for you! When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter tremendously. Increasing your home’s curb appeal is a great way to attract buyers and/or customize your home to make it fit your personality.  There are both small, inexpensive ways, as well as large, more pricey ways to up the curb appeal of your home. Check out some ideas below for how to make the most of your home’s appearance and give a great first impression!

1. Plants, Greenery, and Landscape: Increasing your landscaping game can totally change the attractiveness of your home. Get the unfun stuff out of the way first: pull the weeds & place fresh mulch around your flower beds. Then try potting some plants and placing them around your front door, putting a window box under front windows with colorful flowers, and/or planting your favorite tree (you can even get one that blooms)! Definitely make sure to add some colorful flowers around your yard!

2. Roof: Not something you first think of when the words “curb appeal” are mentioned, but definitely something you should consider. Buyers are looking at the condition of your roof when they go to see your home or drive by. You should look up toward the sky and check out your roof. Is it missing shingles, look worn, or discolored? If so, you can give it a good clean and have it evaluated to see if you need anything repaired/replaced. Some roofs have mildew, especially those that are in the shade, if yours is one of those you can use a roof wash to help clear it up! This step can truly help you with the curb appeal factor when selling.

Highlight your yard with lights!

 3. Light it Up: Oftentimes, outdoor light fixtures are forgotten… I can tell you that I have wanted to update mine for the past 2 years and have not “gotten to it” yet. You don’t have to replace them, but at least get them looking spick and span so when someone walks up to or around your home, they don’t end up noticing cobwebs! Another idea is to add landscaping lights that are solar-powered. You can put these in the front and back yard along walking paths or gardens to give some extra dimension and draw people toward the highlights of your yard.


 4. Numbers, Doorknob, & Mailbox: A simple, replacement or refreshment of your address numbers, doorknob, and mailbox can do wonders in regard to your curb appeal. If you like the design of your current address numbers, but want to freshen them up, you can just paint them. If you feel like you need some that are different to go with the style of your home, find some new numbers that look happy and welcoming! Take a look at your doorknob/handle and mailbox. Are they looking a little tattered or out of style? Replace them with something more up to date!

 5. Pressure Wash: Oh, the satisfaction of noticing the difference between the pressure washed portion of your home versus the part that hasn’t been done yet. Borrow a pressure washer and get outside to your deck, sidewalks, driveway, and, depending on the material, the exterior of your home. Spend the weekend or evening cleaning it up! The difference pressure washing makes is immense!

 6. Paint: Painting some parts (or all if you are up for it) of the exterior of your home can add some draw to your home.  Painting both the front door and shutters is an inexpensive and easy way to make your home look fresh. Go for a sleek and timeless color to get the most out of it!

I truly hope that these suggestions encourage and inspire you in some way! I can tell you that I absolutely have some summer projects that I would like to do to help my home stand out (in a good way) in my neighborhood! If you are pondering the possibility of selling your home, as your realtor I can talk you through these ideas and give you my opinion on how you could improve your curb appeal based on your specific home. If you would like to chat, reach out to me at 317.691.1875.

Hope these help you add some charm to your home!

Melissa Smith



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