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What’s it Like to Be a First-Time Home Buyer?

Are you curious as to what it is like to purchase a home?! There are so many emotions that come with looking and purchasing your first home and sometimes it can feel intimidating. I want you to go into the process with as much knowledge as possible and do my best to educate you on the steps to purchasing. Once you are more comfortable with the process, it helps it not to feel so overwhelming and instead more exciting! Over the past two years, I have worked with many first-time home purchasers and absolutely adore it. To give other potential buyers (perhaps you) some insight about the process, I asked a previous client/first time buyer to answer some questions about her experience buying her first home!

Breanna, one of my past clients, purchased a home in June 2019. Check out her experience and perspective:

How long did you search for homes before you put an offer in on a houseMaybe a month or so.

What was the most exciting thing about the process? Finding and buying my dream starter home! 

What are some things that you wish you would have known before starting the process? How quickly I would have to make an offer once I found a home I loved.

You were in an apartment/renting for a while prior to buying your first home… What made you make the jump and commit to purchasing a home instead of continuing apartment living? I was financially stable enough and wanted to invest in a home, instead of paying rent every month.

What were your major concerns before purchasing your first home? I was constantly worrying if I was as financially stable as I thought or getting into something that was over my head. I also was nervous that I would make an offer too quickly or, on the other hand, not make an offer quick enough and lose my dream home. 

What is something that you did not expect during the process? How easy it was once the offer was accepted. 

What was the most difficult part of purchasing your first home?  Knowing if I was putting an offer in on the right home or if I should continue to look around. 

Has homeownership been what you expected so far? What pleasant or not so pleasant surprises have you had? YES! I have loved it! I love having a home that I can actually call mine and invest in. The only not so pleasant thing about homeownership is that when things break, they are usually expensive to fix, especially in older homes. I am so glad that for the first year I had the home warranty because it saved me a lot of money. 

What did you like/enjoy about the home buying experience? Going through each of the homes and figuring out what my likes and dislikes were. It also helped me to figure out what things I absolutely wanted in my new home.  

What is something you would tell someone who is considering purchasing their first home? To talk to a financial advisor and make sure that it is a smart decision to make that kind of investment. And to use Melissa Smith as their realtor because she is amazing and made it a wonderful and easy process.

I hope the interview showed you a glimpse into what it is like to be a first-time buyer! Helping first time buyers understand the process and narrow their search to find the perfect home is my passion. If you are considering purchasing your first home, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Let’s Find Your First Home!

Melissa Smith


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